Within Petoshi, we have $PETOSHI and $Gift tokens. $PETOSHI is an on-chain token, valuable for key actions, while $Gift, an in-app token, simplifies most in-game activities. This design offers a straightforward and enhanced experience, with $Gift handling daily game functions efficiently.


  • Token Contract: 0x15bD262ede6E8aA04b2361a1Df697adF1Cf40e75

  • Role: Project token.

  • Utility: Used for purchasing pets, secondary market investment, and governance rights.

  • Lending: Users can use ETH for corresponding ratio lending of $PETOSHI; ETH can be returned at any time to redeem the same amount of $PETOSHI.

  • Estimated Yield: 4%.

  • Fees: 1% claim fee on Blast. Users cannot withdraw principal and earnings before deployment; functions will be opened synchronously after deployment.

$GIFT Token

  • Role: Game token.

  • Utility: Used for purchasing in-game items, feeding pets, Level up, etc.

  • Exchange: $GIFT can be exchanged for $PET. ratio is 10:1

  • Staking: Users can stake ETH to get $Gift. For example, staking $1,000 worth of ETH grants 10,000 $GIFT tokens. Staked ETH can be used for further staking on the Blast network.

  • Fees: 0.10% lending fee; 0.10% exchange fee.

  • Queue Mechanism: A maximum of 10,000 $Pet tokens can be exchanged per day.

Pet Parameters

  • Pets are categorized into five rarity levels: Common, Rare, Protected, Treasure, and Worldclass.

  • The probability of a pet appearing is based on its rarity level.

  • Pets have different levels, upgrade requirements, production rates, and consumption rates.

Interaction and Release

  • while Common Pets start producing at level 5, others can start producing immediately. Early release can be done in batches.

  • There are planned moving and clicking interaction actions for rare pets and specific interaction actions for extremely rare pets.

This tokenomics structure aims to create a balanced and engaging ecosystem for players, incentivizing participation and investment in the game.

Description of Token UseDescriptionPercentage

VC Seed

5% TGE, 12 month vesting


SeriesA (Raised/Closed)

7% TGE, 12 month vesting


SeriesB (Raised/Closed)

10% TGE, 12 month vesting



15% TGE, 6 month vesting


Play to Earn

24 month vesting


Liquidity/DEX LP/CEX Campaign

50% TGE, 5 month vesting


Airdrop/community treasury

1 month cliff, 5 month vesting



0% TGE, 6 month cliff, 12 month vesting


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